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Wood Preservative
These are organic solvent based wood preservative, produced from a carefully selected combination of fungicides and insecticides.
ASKAR PAINT NIG. PLC produces Wood Preservatives particularly recommended for protection from fungal decay as well as insect attack and is ideal for wood surface that are to be painted after treatment.
ASKAR PAINT Wood Preserver is recommended for protection from insect and fungal attack while giving a pleasant light or dark oak colour. It is ideal for rafter, fences, etc.
Apart from offering protection from decay, insect, fungi and the elements, Wood Preservers present the following benefits:
• A beautiful natural wood-shade shine
• High resistance to blistering, cracking and peeling
• Longer lasting finish
• Easy maintenance
Cost-Effective, longer lasting Efficacy Trials have indicated that of two stakes buried in damp ground for fifteen(15) years, the treated stake was still sound while the stake treated with another preserver had rotted.
This evidence is enough distinguishing proof that ASKAR PAINT Wood Preserver offers protection that totally penetrates the wood.
ASKAR PAINT Wood Preserver practically permeates every fibre of the wood being treated.
ASKAR PAINT Wood Preservers are quite easy to apply. After cleaning the dry surface of any bark, paint, polish or dirt, wood preserves should be applied by brush, spray or by dipping.
The more ASKAR wood preservative you get into the wood, them ore effective it is. It is advisable to try to get at least 5 liters of ASKAR wood preservative on to each 430 square feet (i.e. 40 square metres) of wood surface for indoor purposes and on to 215 square feet (20 square metres) for outdoor use. Whenever the size of the wood permits, it is preferable to dip ASKAR wood preservative .

Product Benefits

Prices are highly competitive in the market.
Products are not only durable, they make structures beautiful.
Products are resistant to harsh weather
Products have wide area coverage.

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